I need your breath in my lungs tonight

rambling and junk, mostly

I swear on Emma Swan


I swear on Emma Swan..

God. Kill me now, seriously, because that bottom gif has left me for dead.

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Captain Hook + Pretense

'cause I'm only  h u m a n


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Progression of Hook’s feelings for Emma (✿◠‿◠)

To get close would put her in danger

                                     but to walk away

                                         that would be the end of me


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I haven’t been myself since we’ve returned. I should have realized the reason why.

          It’s because I don’t have h e r.

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Jake Peralta + undercover characters

Character development is, by definition, the change in characterization of a dynamic character, over the course of a narrative. X

Cursed!CS AU: Before the Evil Queen’s curse hit Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones were due to be married. Now in this new world they’re barely strangers and things don’t end up happily ever after. 

     I can’t.
          I’m sorry.